Wire Saw Review by Kid Prepper

Wire Saw Review by Kid Prepper

Kid Prepper reviews a wire saw he got as a gift from his Grandma. There are easier ways to cut wood, but for the size, weight, and cost a wire saw can’t be beat.

Here is a link to a wire saw for $1.72 –

Here is a link to a better version –

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I don’t prep in case of a grid shut down, a zombie apocalypse, or a world wide medical out break. I prep for the smaller every day events that happen to all of us. And I like to go camping in the woods with my boys and see if we can make it on just what we brought in.

What I realized years ago is that I’m lazy. What does that mean? I do the things I HAVE to do, so that I can do the things I WANT to do. It means that I prefer to do things right the first time. I’ll do all the research, planning, and work necessary before a situation arises so that when it does, I’m prepared and can handle it.

I’ve been a prepper for probably 40 years. Did I know I was a prepper? Nope. I just did things in a methodical manner in order to be prepared. I acquired the tools and the knowledge that I needed at the time to be ready for stuff that happened.

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