Winter Bushcraft & Survival: Generating Water From Snow

Winter Bushcraft & Survival: Generating Water From Snow

Winter Bushcraft and Survival from professional instructor Paul Kirtley.
Even in the cold of winter, obtaining water is still high up your list of priorities. In fact, in the freeze-dried air of severely cold environments, you need to consume more water than in milder temperatures.

When obvious water sources such as streams, rivers and lakes are all frozen over. Bodies of water can be sealed with several feet of inpenetrable ice. How do we, then, access water? How do we obtain water in the frozen north?

Well, the answer is fire. As long as you can light a fire, you can produce the water you need by melting snow. Melting snow for water is very easy if you have a metal container (and is part of the mainstay of every winter camper and hot-tenter.

But even if you find yourself without any metal containers, producing water by melting snow is still relatively easy.

In this video I share two key winter water-producing techniques which do not require any metal utensils. Both of these techniques should form part of your winter bushcraft and survival skill set.

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