Test your IQ with these survival riddles! You have to solve all the puzzles to survive! Get ready to rack your brain and think hard 🙂 Let’s see if you can crack these brain games easily. These survival riddles will give you an idea whether your brain works well in unexpected situations or not. If it’s not easy for you to turn on your brain in seconds when there is a need, then you should start spending your spare time productively by solving riddles or brain games and brain teasers!

00:14 – Hey, Detective, we need your logical skills to solve this difficult criminal case! Try to find if it was an accident or a crime 🤔
01:28 – A tricky brain teaser that will boost your brain speed and test your critical thinking!
02:41 – The ship is flooding! How can Johnny survive? Test your survival skills and general knowledge with this brain teaser!
03:38 – A tricky puzzle for tech minds and true geniuses only (so this one is not for me at all). Look closely at the picture and try to figure out who’s likely to survive here. This is a hard level puzzle, so use 100% of your brain power!
04:57 – A mysterious riddle with the answer where you have to quickly come up with the right solution to save your life! This riddle will tease your brain and make you think outside the box as only a creative solver with a good memory will find the way out of here. What would you do to survive?
06:01 – A tricky riddle that will boost your brain and make you think faster! You will have to make a quick decision and crack the code!
07:12 – I want to play a game😈A deadly game where you will have to choose the less evil. Only your logic will help you make the only right choice and survive, so think carefully; I won’t give you any hints! Are you ready to struggle for your life?
08:14 – An interesting logical riddle to test your survival skills. What would you do if you see a minefield center? How would you survive? Share your thoughts in the comments!
09:14 – Do you believe you would survive if you met these animals on a walk? Let’s check if it’s so😉 These trivia questions with answers will challenge your survival skills and exercise your brain like nothing else before! It’s not just a brain workout, but a useful guideline for everyone who goes camping or hiking.
11:29 – A short and easy quiz to test your logic and critical thinking! Who will survive?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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