Will You Survive On This Island? 🙀 Interactive Island Riddles

Will You Survive On This Island? 🙀 Interactive Island Riddles

Will you survive on this island? Test your critical thinking with these interactive survival riddles! These brain teasers will help you increase your intelligence and sharpen your logic. If you want to give your brain an effective and fun workout, then these logic questions are right for you! Try them out and share your answers in the comments!

00:14 – Who stole the watch? A fun visual puzzle to test your attentiveness to the details!
01:23 – Which of these things would the monkey like? How can I draw the monkey’s attention? Boost your logic to solve this riddle!
02:16 – Which tree should I run to?
03:18 – How am I going to open a coconut without any tools? Use your IQ and general knowledge to solve this tricky riddle!
04:13 – How can I protect myself? Think fast to answer this question!
04:49 – I see a ship! I got to let them know I’m here! What should I do? Test your survival skills and ability to think outside the box with this last question!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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