What to learn from Aathichoodi by Ovvaiyaar? | Important moral values for life | #PositiveInsights

What to learn from Aathichoodi by Ovvaiyaar? | Important moral values for life | #PositiveInsights

AKSHAJ shares simple single line quotes yet profound and golden for growing children.

He received the first prize for this Tamil speech in a kids’ contest.

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With this theme in mind, this channel intends to provide educational contents beyond books to cover the much-needed survival skills, general aptitude, general knowledge, moral values, cultural values etc for a holistic learning of kids / students.

Digital route was chosen as the medium to tap its potential in wider reach so that when kids use screen time, they use it more for educational purposes making the time spent with gadgets worthy enough.

The contents are presented in simple formats, more natural and realistic without much of graphics / animations involved. So, kids tend to be more motivated & faster in grabbing the learning shared by another peer child.

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