What is PIF? Family & Kid Friendly Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay & Server

What is PIF? Family & Kid Friendly Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay & Server

Join our free family Ark server: Dinosaurs for all! 🙂
We play Ark Survival Evolved multiplayer on two computers and edit our funny moments into one video for your enjoyment. Join our server and we will film and post your Ark game play on the channel.

PIF Gaming plays Ark Survival Evolved on our dedicated server called Gabriel’s Island. Gabriel’s Island is a modded server. The following are the mods in use:

Structures Plus
Filmmakers workshop (green screen)
Cute Hair
pilars plus
pimp my dino
versatile raft mod
Temp Building
ORP2 – Offline Raid Protection v08.11.16.23

Like many, we have been inspired by the Pooping Evolved crew yet we strive to differ in our content by focusing of family or kid friendly game play. We will feature the actual gameplay/creations of kids in Ark on the Gabriel’s Island server.

Adults are very much needed and will be acting as moderators and facilitators for fun kids gameplay. In other words, we are looking for big kids to let themselves be pummelled by sling shots every 3 minutes while still providing crafting supplies 🙂

The racing server is called Gabriel’s Racing Center, and as you can guess, it features The Center map 🙂

The next server will get up will feature Ark Scorched Earth.


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