We Tested Wilderness Survival Hacks From The Internet!

We Tested Wilderness Survival Hacks From The Internet!

WHAT OTHER SURVIVAL HACKS FROM THE INTERNET SHOULD WE TRY?? Thanks to Backcountry for sponsoring this one. Use JURGY15 for 15% off your first order – exclusions apply
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In this video, we tested different survival hacks we found on the internet. We didn’t get through all of the ones we tested yet so more videos to come! We tested the survival hack how to start a fire from your socks. We tested the survival tip on how to filter water from using rocks, grass, moss and an empty water bottle. We tested how to create your own makeshift stove out of a soda can and kindling. We tested the survival hack on how to start a fire from flint and steel. We also did these same things but with proper camping gear, which we recommend now haha. We want to test even crazier wilderness survival hacks so comment which ones we should do!

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