Vehicle Survival Kit

Vehicle Survival Kit


Morakniv Knife:

Cold Steel Peace Maker II:

Cold Steel Peace Maker III:

Cold Steel SRK:

Leatherman Wave:


Bic Lighter:

Electrical Tape:

Gerber Fire Steel:

Matches and Case:

Firestarter Kit:

WetFire Firestarting Tinder:

SOL Firestarting Kit:

Coleman Fire Steel:

Gorilla Tape:

SOS Survival Rations:

SOL Signal Mirror:

SOL Emergency Blanket:

SOL 2 Person Bivvy:

SOL 1 Person Bivvy:

Whistles with Space Blanket:

Emergency Drinking Water:

Mummy Bags (pick the best for your climate):

Wool Blanket:

Orienteering Compasses:

Pocket Saw:

Zippo Saw/Axe Combo:

Road Atlas:

BeatIt Jump Starter/Power Banks:

Lensatic Compass:

Fenix Flashlight:

Streamlight Headlamp:

Sawyer Water Filter:

LifeStraw Water Filter:

Folding Shovel:
SOG Folding Shovel:

Military Style Ponchos:

Roadside Safety Vest:

Roadside Triangles:

Stanley Pry Bar:

Stanley Tool Kit:


Shop Rags:

Medical Shears:

Comprehensive Medical Kit:

IFAK Pouch (Empty):

CAT Tourniquet:

Chest Seals:


Nitrile Gloves:

Israeli Pressure Bandage:

Space Blanket:

Contractor Trash Bags:

Minimalist Camp Stove:

Mechanix Gloves:

Rain Poncho:

Green Goo:

Cold Steel Shark Marker:

Rite in the Rain Notebook:


Pocket Razor Knife:

Krav Maga Training:


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