Urban Survival Singapore Workshop Dec 2018

Urban Survival Singapore Workshop Dec 2018

This is our second and last run of the year. It was a much smaller group compared to our first one, probably due to the holiday season and we had one entire family pulled out due to a medical emergency just 2 weeks before the workshop. Nonetheless, be it for a single person or a hundred participants, you’ll still expect a 110% from me and my partners.

For the origins of this programme, you may check out this link below which explains what I went through to make this programme happened.

We made about 20% changes to the programme from the first run, new to this workshop are mircogreens segment and improvised hunting tool. The latter not shown in this video for undisclosed reasons.

Again, hopefully more good times to come.

Special thanks to partnering trainers

Saiful – Survivial First Aid
Fagan – Tactical Parkour
Lawrence – Krav Maga
Shondell – Mircogreens
“Neo” – Bushcraft
Max – Vegetarian food and dinner demo
Traditional Archers Singapore

And our venue host, Ground-Up Initiative

Our food provider which we are supporting, Free Food for All (FFFA).

Special thanks to Ibnur from Ground-up Innovation labs for development (GUILD) for the support. Couldn’t done this without you.

Workshop organized by Ashton
Curriculum by Ashton, revised by Julian Tan
Video produced and edited by Ashton

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