Urban Bug Out Bag (Part 1) by TheUrbanPrepper

Urban Bug Out Bag (Part 1) by TheUrbanPrepper

PDF Document (Itemized list of Bug Out Bag contents):

Urban Bug Out Bag
Version 2.0

The following project is an effort at creating an Urban Bug Out Bag from the ground up. Each item was highly researched, analytically analyzed and obsessively organized in multiple compartments (or modules). When combined, these individual compartments create an emergency preparedness backpack that could be used for survival purposes in natural and man-made disasters. The project creation was documented on YouTube through a series of videos. Lengthy dialog was conducted amongst other “Preppers” in the YouTube community to help collaborate on the overall design. While the final design is by no means meant to be a “perfect bug out bag”, which is impossible to achieve, it is meant to satisfactorily sustain myself in an emergency for several days in Western Washington state (United States). While the information is this document (and corresponding videos) could theoretically be referenced for other individuals bug out bags, it is specifically designed for my particular needs and region.

The compartments included in Part 1 include:

Main Backpack
SAS Survival Pouch
Cooking Compartment
Water Compartment
Shelter Compartment
Miscellaneous Items

PDF Document (Itemized list of Bug Out Bag contents):

URBAN BUG OUT BAG (Version 2.0):

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