Ultra Lightweight Bug out Bag and Survival Kit #bugoutbag #survivalkit

Ultra Lightweight Bug out Bag and Survival Kit #bugoutbag #survivalkit

A common sense yet detailed conversation about bug out bag planning and an item by item look at what’s in this ultra-lightweight bug out bag and survival kit. This one weighs in at just under 14 lbs. with water!

We’ll discuss a couple key principles including how to keep your bug out bags light by having depth in your preparations. I’ll also share the top ten categories of items you need to have covered including food, fire, water, shelter, first aid, communication, navigation, the ability to maintain your core temperature, self-defense, and knowledge. These ten categories need to be considered when building any survival kit.

A list of items:
Essee Izula II Knife
Tactical Tailor Operator Bag
Kleen Kanteen
Poncho, Pair of Socks, Chem lights (large and small), First Aid kit
Baby Wipes, Roadside Flare, Sewing Kit, 550 Paracord, multi-tool, scissors, flashlight, spare batteries, 100mph tape, fingernail cutters, water filtration and purification system, whistle, compass, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, emergency blanket, Ferro rod, magnesium fire starting kit, super glue, beenie, cotton balls soaked in vaseline, trail mix, tourniquet, knife sharpener, write in the rain notepad, markers and pens, spool of tripwire.

My Camera Gear:
Canon M50
Rode VideoMic Pro
Rode VideoMic Go

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