Ultimate Survival Bug out Gear! Most Expensive Add-on's & Accessories

Ultimate Survival Bug out Gear!  Most Expensive Add-on's & Accessories

This is a brief description and list, will be adding more links and information on where to find the products very shortly.
This video discusses various types of gear and similar that would take a bug out kit or bag to the next level. A lot of these items are very expensive, yet in a life or death situation they would prove their worth.
These items are in addition to your already existing Bag or Kit. These do not include the basic necessities such as fire, water purification, food and similar. These focus on the items or pieces of gear that technology has given us. Of course, if there is an EMP or similar, electronics will be useless very likely. But, if not, then these will greatly improve anyone’s chances of survival in any situation.

Take what you can and leave the rest.
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Video shot with Nikon and Cannon equipment. Audio prepared by Samson Audio devices. Thanks to Adobe CC, After Effects, Premiere Pro. Video footage and audio clips provided by Audioblocks, VideoBlocks, Adobe Stock, Bigstock, Freemovies, Google Images and thrid party assets. All rights reserved by original owners and rights and permissions granted through proper copyright purchases and rights guarantees.
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