Truck EDC / Vehicle Gear – Emergency Car Gear (2016 Tacoma)

Truck EDC / Vehicle Gear – Emergency Car Gear (2016 Tacoma)

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People request this video a lot, so I figured I’d make a quick video showing the gear that I carry in my truck every day – vehicle EDC gear basically. Some cool stuff, some normal stuff. Maybe will give you an idea of how to organize your vehicle and what to keep in it. It covers emergency supplies as well as normal every day carry stuff.

Some of this stuff is specific to a Tacoma, specifically the 2016 tacoma, but most of it is just for whatever.

Thanks to Optic’s Planet for continuing to support the channel. They sent me the Benchmade Triage, which I’ll be testing out over the next couple of weeks.
Benchmade 915 Triage Knife:
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Camo Flag Decal –

Here are some links to things, some are amazon affiliate links.
Machanix multicam fastfit –
Maxpedition Admin Panel –
Magnetic light thing –
Resqme –
Maxpedition Velcro pouch (my trauma pouch) –
Maxpedition smaller velcro pouch (my booboo pouch) –
Phone magnetic thingy –
Tacoma center console organizer –
Elzeta Bravo – or
Princeton Tec headlamp –
Klarus XT1C –
Leatherman Bit Kit –
Leatherman MUT –
Knipex Pliers –
Gerber keychain hook knife –
Vapur water bottle –
Giant cupholder for Nalgene –
Storage bin thingy on top of subwoofer behind rear seat –
Crye Clips (AR mag clips) –
Car jump starter air compressor thing –
Flasher/flare (my batteries were actually dead, oops) –
Other jump starter thingy –
Folding bolt cutters –
Spool Tool –
Packable backpack –
Pacsafe (to secure my bag/guns) –

Also in the vid, but not mentioned.
Weathertec mats –
Velcro I used –

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