Travel Safety Indonesia – Volcano Survival Tips

Travel Safety Indonesia – Volcano Survival Tips

Indonesia is famous for its terrifying bouquet of fiery, volcanic teats of fury – but should you be worried about getting covered by lava in Java?

Jesse Perez from the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub takes a perilous dive into the Indonesian ring of fire and emerges from the ashes to deliver these handy volcano safety tips.


Heading to Kuta for some wicked nightlife? The rules are fairly loose, and the people are even looser, which means that there are a few concerns when it comes to getting out of there in one piece.

Check out our film, Surviving Kuta, for a nice little insight into what goes on in party town, and how you can have an awesome, trouble free time.

Are you a party animal? Thinking of popping off to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan for some rip-roaring hedonistic adventures?

Then check out our film, Surviving The Full Moon Party, and get the lowdown on getting the most out of your good times without getting a cracked skull, rope burns, alcohol poisoning or waking up next to someone with breath like a walrus.


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