Top 5 – Game babes of 2013

Top 5 – Game babes of 2013

We have already seen a lot of games with cute female characters this year. But who is the finest? Get ready for the top five hottest female game characters of 2013!

5. Jodie – Beyond: Two Souls

Jodie is not what you think of as “Hot” when it comes to video game girls, but the more relatable and grounded a character is, the more we care for them. We already had a soft spot for actress Ellen Page and Beyond: Two Souls made us like her even more.

4. Elizabeth – BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth is extremely beautiful in a Disney kind of way. She has a really cool personality and is extremely useful as a sidekick in BioShock Infinite. Just looking at her makes us feel all fuzzy inside.

3. Anna – Metro: Last Light

Anna is a drop dead gorgeous Russian woman with hypnotic blue eyes, and not too bad with the sniper rifle. She is also rather easy when it comes to the love making department. Guess you can’t be too high maintenance after a nuclear holocaust.

2. Tess – The Last of Us

Tess is a badass character with a true sense of realism in The Last of Us. She’s beautiful but won’t hesitate to kick your ass if you don’t respect her. We hope to see more female characters like her in the future as we all know gaming desperately needs it.

1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Was there ever any doubt that Lara Croft wouldn’t take the number one spot. Lara is not the badass that we know in Tomb Raider, she is a beginner who is scared and alone. It was fascinating to see this transformation from a terrified explorer to a true survivor. We can’t wait to see more from miss Croft.

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