Top 3 Books: Outdoor Survival. Tag! Bushcraft Origins

Top 3 Books: Outdoor Survival. Tag! Bushcraft Origins

Rant: Don’t just read a book / or watch videos about bushcraft / survival, TAKE IT OUTSIDE and put it into practice. Origins of Bushcraft. How I got started in bushcraft / survival, and how has it evolved over the course of my life. What causes someone to be able to survive being attacked by a Grizzly? Mental fortitude, tenacity, character, faith in GOD. * The Elite Forces Wilderness Survival Guide * Building a tarp shelter, making fire, foraging for food, etc. are all good skills. But to TRULY SURVIVE it is going to take more than just knowing how to do certain things in the great outdoors. Many treat bushcraft and survival as a “I can do this” or “things I need to take with me” kind of a list. Hey, I was there at one point as well. But, there is something of far greater importance that we all need to grab a hold of, wrap our brains around, incorporate into our hearts and souls IF we are going to TRULY SURVIVE.

I apologize for my stuttering and stammering. But, if you will patiently give this a listen to the very end. It might inspire you. At least that is my goal. If I didn’t, then I’m truly sorry.

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Take It Outside
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“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose his soul” Some might not look to David Crocket as a “survivor” because he died at the Alamo. But, consider the fact that though he was a politician he never compromised his core beliefs; that as Christian, he was willing to lay his life down for his fellow man; that he thought the fight for freedom, regardless how impossible the fight, was worth the price. Being a true survivor is not caving under the temptations and pressures of society; but living, and dying if need be, while staying true to your course. As David Crocket said, “Make sure you are in the right, then go ahead.”



Far North Bushcraft and Survival