This is Our FORTRESS – Best Prepping Survival Techniques Documentary

This is Our FORTRESS – Best Prepping Survival Techniques Documentary

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This is Our FORTRESS – Best Prepping Survival Techniques Documentary.

Kevin lives in eastern Washington and is prepping his family for a volcanic eruption using multiple bug-out vehicles. We also meet Captain Bill Simpson, who has built a bunker sailboat, made mostly of iron so that he could retreat out to sea in case of a massive solar flare which could send an energy wave, in the form of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) which could damage today’s technology.

Doomsday Preppers is a series of awesome National Geographic documentaries about prepping, survivalism, and bushcraft. Each episode profiles various survivalists, or “doomsday preppers”, who are preparing to survive the various circumstances that may cause the end of civilization, including economic collapse, societal collapse, and electromagnetic pulse. In these National Geographic documentaries, the quality of their preparations is graded by the consulting company Practical Preppers, who provide analysis and recommendations for improvements.

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