The Warmest Moments || A Ski Film

The Warmest Moments || A Ski Film


*Yes, this is a re-upload*
We had to take it off YouTube for awhile, but it’s back and here to stay.
(And a little bit better than before—there are some new shots in there!)

Winter. It’s the coldest season. A time of hibernation. A part of the year in which most all living beings retreat from the elements to find warmth, comfort, and safety. A time of endurance; of survival. A time of stillness. But, for those that choose to embrace even the season’s harshest conditions, winter can be a time filled with life.

This film is for the winter-lovers—the ones that don’t let Mother Nature drag them indoors when the leaves change color. For those that feel an unparalleled excitement when the first snowflakes begin to fall. For those that know that the very coldest moments of the year can be—well—the warmest.


Written, Directed, and Filmed by:
Sam Roubin and Garret Weintrob

Edited by:
Garret Weintrob

Wildlife Shots by:
Isaac Spotts (Isaac’s website:

Featured Athletes:
Jeremy Emmer
Karl Fostvedt
Blaine Gallivan
Owen Klausmann
Leo Kohler
Grant Menolascino
Jamie Stone
Daniel Tisi

Music by:

Additional Help from:
KGB Productions
Millie Hillman
Collin Rehm

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