The Pregnant Woman – Ark: Survival Evolved

The Pregnant Woman – Ark: Survival Evolved

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While traveling to the south I encountered a man and his pregnant wife. They looked like newbies so I decided to help them out.

If you don’t already have Ark: Survival Evolved you should check it out:

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and escape!

This is probably the most fun early access survival game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is ridiculously fun and constantly updated and improved by the super active devs. 5/5 well worth the $20.

Look forward to update 220 with mammal breeding!

My Setup:

Core i7 3930K
Nvidia GTX 970 Graphics Card

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