The Lost Ways 2 Book 2019 – Survival Guide

The Lost Ways 2 Book 2019 – Survival Guide

The Lost Ways 2 Book 2019 – Survival Guide. Two other superfoods that cost almost nothing to make and will keep you and your family well fed no matter what happens.

One was praised as the great depression “food miracle”. The people that knew about it banished hunger for good while the rest where starving and tightening their belts! Not only that you will learn the exact process of making it the right way, but you’ll use it to preserve meat in it and create one of the most finger-licking, mouth-watering tastiest foods you’ll ever eat. And the best part? It lasts up to two whole years without refrigeration.

The other food was also long-lasting. Invented by one of the most vicious samurai in history, it was born out of war and necessity. So don’t expect a gourmet meal here – but do expect this “samurai superfood” to be so nutrient rich and probiotic packed that you and your entire family won’t need anything else for months on end.
With these 3 super foods alone, you’ll probably have the most complete stockpile in your group and you’ll never need to depend on anyone else in times of crisis.

One of the most important things that you’ll master is the lost skill of wild plants. Our forefathers and native Americans didn’t get sick often but when they did guess what!? Their pharmacy was found in the great outdoors. They used thousands of plants for every ailment you can imagine with great success. Yet most people nowadays know fewer than 20 different species, let alone use them.

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