The 4 Part R.A.C.E. System for Emergency Trauma Survival Situations

The 4 Part R.A.C.E. System for Emergency Trauma Survival Situations

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In an emergency trauma situation you have seconds to react, and assess the situation.

Failure to do so effectively may result in life-altering injuries, or worse, death.

You don’t necessarily have to be a prepper or survivalist to worry about this.

If you enjoy camping, backpacking or hiking you definitely need the R.A.C.E System on hand at all times.

We recently interview a gentleman for our podcast in which he was out hiking to get to a specific location.

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He took a wrong step, and within seconds he felt several feet, and a boulder landed on top of his arm, nearly severing it entirely.

Luckily the people he was with acted quickly, obviously noticed the main point of trauma. And tied off his arm with a tourniquet and then administered wound care.

That does bring up some key points in a bleeding extremity.

One is the tourniquet, if you must, you can use a t-shirt, or belt.

However, there has been an increase in knock-off tourniquets that were originally made for air-softeners and military enactors. Unfortunately I’ve witnessed these starting to pop up in first-aid kits. As people can’t tell the difference, so they opt for the cheaper option.

You can choose the knock off brand of toilet paper if you like, but don’t skimp on something serious, like a potentially life-saving piece of equipment.

Without proper would care, someone can easily bleed out right there on the spot.

They could be gone within minutes if not handled with the proper wound care procedures.

So high-grade tourniquets are an absolute must in any trauma kit.

I’ve found the The Combat Application Tourniquet or CAT seems to be the most popularly copied tourniquet but there are knock-offs as well.

The knock-offs can be found online for under $10… if you want a proper tourniquet, be prepared to spend about $30.

Again, you can try and go the primitive route and use the things that are around you, but having a properly equipped trauma kit can very well save you, or your loved one’s life.

Or what if you live off the grid?

Where your home is just around the corner from wherever you’re hiking.

Well, I’d argue in an off the grid situation, you better be willing to invest in the best trauma kit equipment on the market.

Another thing I want to clear up in wound care is absorbency.

People think you want to absorb the blood. In a haemorrhage situation, this is exactly what you don’t want. You want to keep every ounce of blood in the victim in a survival situation.

Trying to sop up blood from the point of trauma might make us feel better that the blood has stopped, but, it’s not going to increase the guys chance of survival.

I see too many instances of towels and pillows in trauma situations. We gotta cut those out.

In this video you’ll notice I had the boys do a role play. I strongly recommend this for proper prepping of any trauma situation. You must be so proficient at handling these situations that it comes second nature to you when it’s happening for real and the adrenaline is pumping.

Of course, this isn’t just for trauma that results in bleeding. This is a system to assess any medical emergency.

A hard fall, a gun shot wound, someone falling onto a fire.

Exit wounds, blunt force trauma, severe burns. You name it, the RACE system is made to handle it.

I teach this system to all of my students, who range from doomsday preppers to survivalists, to those simply interested in emergency preparedness.

However, since these groups of people are generally well prepared in general.

The group I like to hammer this into are people who go… camping, hiking or backpacking, this doesn’t have to be prepping for a SHTF situation for this to be extremely important.

Until next time.

Stay safe.


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