TFTT042 First Aid Kits & Tourniquets

TFTT042 First Aid Kits & Tourniquets

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. The contents of this video should be considered as my opinion and not as advice and guidance. If you need advice, guidance or training on first aid matters then please seek out suitably qualified and trained professionals.

In this longer than normal video I talk about the importance of first aid kits and having some basic first aid knowledge for those of us working in workshops. I cover some basics about risk assessment and identifying the inherent risks of your own workshop and working environment as part of the process about being suitably prepared if something were to go wrong.
I also talk about the use of tourniquets as a LAST RESORT in stemming major blood-loss.

This is an excellent article on the use of tourniquets:

Remember, it is better to be prepared for medical emergencies (training & equipment) and never need it than to need it and not be prepared.

Here are links to two of the videos I mentioned:
Gosforth Handyman: First Aid in a Small Workshop – Workshop Safety (part 1)

And here are links to the British Red Cross:
& St John Ambulance:

I will do some additional videos on this topic soon, including a shorter video on the contents of my workshop first aid kit and another on improvised first aid, so do please hit subscribe and hit that notification button.

Stay safe!