Survive 2014 Economic Collapse! (Reliable Survival Instructions + Real-Life Technical Skills)

Survive 2014 Economic Collapse! (Reliable Survival Instructions + Real-Life Technical Skills)

This amazing new manual which is called the “SURVIVE AFTER COLLAPSE Manual” reveals the survival secrets you could never find anywhere else. This new MANUAL teaches you how to “jump start” your new survival skills overnight…in a very explicit… and 100 times more detailed way than anything else you’ve ever seen. You will not see any hoarding and stockpiling BS in this manual; you’ll not see any quasi-survival nonsense either. What you get here is the real thing… reliable step-by-step survival instructions and real-life technical skills unavailable anywhere else on earth. All ready to implement immediately to not only bulletproof your chances of survival but turn you into a leader. Here’s just a taste of what this manual reveals:

The key ingredients in any survival situation that almost nobody is fully aware of and can “literally” save your life. It takes more than knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food and make fires. A lot of experts with survival training have not used their skills and died because of this. How to not only identify these ingredients, but also explain them to know how to come through the toughest times.

Establishing communications when you’re in a middle of a catastrophe is vital when immediate assistance is needed. Floods and landslides often isolate towns or distant residents which limits their access to essential public services. Having this CRITICAL item is the only way of calling for help and I’ll show you what it is at page 53

How to find your direction even if you’re completely lost in the middle of the night, with no idea of how you ended up there, no compass and no way to communicate with others. Kidnapping is a serious issue and most people don’t know anything about it. Regardless, it’s useless to escape if you cant figure out how to determine direction. I learned this directly from the theater of military operations.

How to put together an itemized list of exactly what you need in your bug out bag to survive for 3 full days on the go. Staying home and “hunkering down” might not always be possible. In this cases, it’s absolutely critical to make sure you have an “on the go” kit ready and prepared to grab it at a moment’s notice and retreat from your home. If you don’t have the right supplies in the bag, you’re likely to end up in a ditch somewhere along the way.

Here’s a big one: If the Shit Hits The Fan could be several months before any common order is restored. I’ll show you how you can kill and cook wild animals. I’m also going to reveal how to build field- expedient weapons, the tools and equipment to procure any type of food – no matter if it walks, crawls or flies… Skills that you would make even the indigenous amazonian tribes angry.

The black belt secrets of firearms finally exposed. Having a gun is not what you think. I’ll show you facts from fiction that ensure your survival when it comes to firearms and you’ll see exactly what type of gun to have and why… and how to use it to protect the ones you love.

Why everyone almost always fails to understand the “psychological preparation” even after years of preparing. (Just learning this one secret will take your whole life into another world).

How to protect your family from nuclear radiation. Not everything will be destroyed in a nuclear war.Learn what’s the most critical factor in building a fallout shelter or how to locate one fast because your life depends on your decisions in the first few hours after a nuclear attack.

Also covered – How to procure your food and water in a fallout-contaminated area when all available water sources may be contaminated. On page 173 you’ll find what you have to do before drinking any water. Plus what special procedures to follow to procure your own food if you don’t have it already stored in your shelter – a serious problem but not impossible to solve if you listen to the type of advice coming from thousands of hours of laboratory research.

The correct way to place an expedient shelter during a biological attack…which instantly narrows down the entry of airborne agents. Think about how much safe you’ll feel reducing contamination by 75% by applying this simple fact. So easy you’ll kick yourself for not knowing.

And that’s not all… not by a long shot! This incredible manual will get you started on a life so exciting it’s almost beyond description. It will give you everything you need to become a master prepper.

However, this material is not for everyone. For one thing, this manual was very expensive to create. It contains the results of more than 10,000 hours of research… and… it features all of the most important sections of survival and preparedness.

In fact, one of them is the SURVIVAL MINDSET, which, according to every real expert, is in fact…THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN EVERY SURVIVAL SITUATION!