Survival Tips: Meet Max Joseph

Survival Tips: Meet Max Joseph

Maxpedition Survival Tips is a series that provides expert survival instruction by trained professionals. In this episode, we meet instructor Max Joseph, who is the founder and training director of TFTT Direct Action Group. With his extensive background with the United States military, training troops overseas, working executive protection in non-permissible areas, Max Joseph is the perfect candidate for providing legitimate tactical intelligence. Take a quick moment to learn about his history and why he chooses Maxpedition products for his gear.

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Founded in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, USA, Maxpedition® successfully optimized the design ethos of American military-grade MOLLE gear to suit the needs of everyday life and popularized its functionality to a global audience. Often imitated but never equaled, genuine Maxpedition gear is the benchmark against which others are compared, and it is trusted by special forces operators, law enforcement officers, adventure travelers and prepared citizens around the world.

“Direct Action Group provides the highest level of cutting edge instruction in the most up to date and progressive firearms skills and tactics for military, law enforcement and private sector personnel. Our programs set industry standards for realism, safety, skill progression and unit cohesion. Whether you are a new officer on the job, seasoned warfighter or civilian shooter, these programs will enhance your existing skill set.”

*Founder/Director TFTT/Direct Action Group
*Senior Instructor – Tactical Explosive Entry School USA/Brazil
*Instructor U.S. Dept. of State Anti-Terrorism Program (20 Years)
*Seven Years Marine Corps Reconnaissance Companies (SGT.)
*Graduate USMC Scout Sniper Instructor School
*US Army Ranger / Airborne
*USN Survival / Evasion / Resistance / Escape School
*BSR Anti – Terrorist Driving School
*SPIE / Rappel Master Instructor
*Reconnaissance Indoctrination Program Instructor
*Diplomatic Security Consultant
*Writer for several Military / Police Publications