Survival Skills Kids Need

Survival Skills Kids Need

Let’s chat about ways you can tech your children how to survive! Here are the main topics we discussed and what I think are the top points to teach your kids for survival situations. #1 Bushcrafting (shelter), #2 Hunting Wild Game (scouting/trapping), #3 Cleanliness (how to make lye & soap, use oils, or wild plants), #4 Keeping Dry (high ground and powders), #5 Water (the need to be able to locate 3 to 5 sources of water NOT using any tap water from a city hookup), #6 Wild Edibles (they should be able to locate 5 sources of wild food near your home), #7 Wild Meds Using Herbs (they should be able to locate 5 wild herbs useful for meds), #8 Gardening & Animal Husbandry (start a flower or small strawberry patch if needed to get them started).
Here are the books we enjoy learning from
US Army Survival Manuel
Peterson’s Field Guide To Medicinal Plants & Herbs *Make Sure You Order By Region!
SAS Survival Manuel
US Army Specail Forces Medical Handbook
Botany In A Day
Here are a few that our folks in the live chat mentioned as well
The Dangerous Book
The Complete Wilderness Training Manuel
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