Survival Gear: Weyland Outdoor Survival Kit

Survival Gear: Weyland Outdoor Survival Kit

Survival Gear: Weyland Outdoors Survival Kit

Thank you for considering Weyland as your choice for a Quality Survival Kit! Weyland Outdoors puts quality first. We’d rather not sell something at all than sell something “cheaply made”. That being said, let me tell you about our kit and how it differs from the others.

We wanted to embrace The 5 C’s of Survival: Cutting, Combustion, Cordage, Cover & Container

Cutting: The knife is the centerpiece of our kit, so we made sure it was BIGGER, STRONGER and MORE VERSATILE than any other knife being offered in a survival kit, period.
Combustion: Our fire starter not only contains a magnesium rod & striker but also holds a small bit of cotton to use as tinder. It also houses the whistle & functions as a Kubotan.
Cordage: Our survival bracelet uses 13′ of 550 7 strand paracord (military grade) and uses a SHACKLE as opposed to cheap plastic clips, so it too can be used when needed.
Cover: While many of the items in our kit, like the wire saw, can be used to help make a decent shelter, we also include a Mylar Blanket to help shelter from the cold.
Container: Our container is BIGGER than others so everything fits easily inside.

In addition to these items, we also include a quality Stainless Steel Compass,Signal Mirror, Multitool Wallet Card, Flashlight and a Sheath for your knife.