Survival Basics With Nature Reliance School

Survival Basics With Nature Reliance School

This is a video of a weekend class on Survival Basics by Nature Reliance School. The instructor was Craig Caudill who has written articles for Dave Canterbury’s Self Reliance Magazine.

This class covered all the basics including shelter, fire making, water collection and purification, wild edibles and medicinal plants as well as basic land navigation, the STOPA acronym, law of threes, and more.

The Survival Basics weekend included class teaching as well as hand’s on exercises. Many of the exercises were under a time limit to simulate stress. Exercises included building a sustainable fire using only one match, collecting water and boiling and drinking it, building a debris shelter, building an emergency shelter, and team building shelters with simulated injuries and setbacks.

Other subjects were touched on as well and there was way too much to video it all. I am certainly not a survival expert but after taking this class I believe that I have gained vital life-saving skills and knowledge that will serve me if I ever find myself in a wilderness survival situation.

I highly recommend this class for anyone that will be spending time in the wilderness, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or on their job as well as anyone who is just interested in the subject. Craig Caudill’s teaching style is relaxed, clear and knowledgeable.

You can contact Nature Reliance School at:

859-771-8313 (Craig Caudill)

Also check out the Nature Reliance School Channel on Youtube.


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