Spring Pole Snare Trap

Spring Pole Snare Trap

There are hundreds of ways to set traps using primitive methods. However, primitive trapping is illegal in many, if not most parts of the United States. So how do you make a video about it? Here is the solution that The Survival Summit and I came up with for our new film “Into the Woods”. Hope you enjoy it.

With so many trapping options, where do you start? I teach people to start with the most versatile traps that are easy to make, set up, and that can be used on both land and water. The opposing notches trigger (aka “L7”) is one of those simple survival traps that can be used as a snare or a fishing pole. I use a spring pole here, but you could use many other techniques to deliver energy to this trap.

In my opinion, It is better to be extremely good at just a handful of traps that work in most environments, than it is to be somewhat familiar with hundreds of traps that aren’t as versatile.

I’m Joshua Enyart, former Army Ranger and Green Beret. Today, I’m a Wilderness Skills Instructor . Find out more on

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