Sniper Elite 4 Solo Survival Tips, Part 1 – Village

Sniper Elite 4 Solo Survival Tips, Part 1 – Village

This video will show you tips that you can use to easily survive rounds 1 – 3 in Sniper Elite 4 Solo Survival mode on the Village map. At the start of the video, I show you the load out that I am using (Normal Difficulty, no Aim Assist) including my rifle, secondary, and pistol choices. I also show you the choices I use on my Skill Tree.

Once round 1 starts, I show you exactly where to place explosive traps (use delayed fuse) so you can get tons of points with explosive multi-kills. I also show you how to stay close to your Compound and boost your score with Defending points.

During Round 2 I show you how to move quickly between killing enemies and picking up ammo without giving the A.I. any time to rush your Compound. Enemies close in on you faster when you are looting bodies and picking up ammo! The video ends at the end of round 3.

Use the time stamps to jump to different parts of the video:
1:56 – Jump to start of Round 1
2:35 – Location of nearby ammo stash to grab
3:50 – Good location for trap once you get more explosives
4:56 – Grenade Double Kill
6:33 – Start of Round 2
8:56 – A chain of explosive trap kills starts!
11:32 – Start of Round 3
14:08 – Land mine kill
16:00 – 2 Head shots in 4 – 5 seconds

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