Shark Attack Survival Tips That Will Save Your Life

Shark Attack Survival Tips That Will Save Your Life

Be it a Great White or a Megalodon, Brainiac is here to tell you how to survive a shark attack
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Sharks are everywhere in the media, usually portrayed as villains. But how villainous are they really? Will they keep coming back over and over again until they’ve destroyed their enemies? Or is a shark not a character from a James Bond movie? Here, brainiac explores the biology of a shark, why they attack, when they attack, and what to do if you ever encounter one, particularly, the ever famous great white. There are some instances where one would have to fight a shark, but let’s see why it would ever have to come to that. We also look into some theories about why sharks don’t get cancer and why they don’t have bones. Sharks are a mysterious and immense creature, let’s debunk some worries some of you may have about them. If you learned something from this video, give it a thumbs up! And don’t forget to subscribe for some more brain busting content. But to make sure you really don’t miss out, hit the bell notification. This could be a matter of life and death! Oh no… is that a Great White behind you?!


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