Serious Survivor Channel Intro Video – Description of the Types of Videos and Series on the Channel

Serious Survivor Channel Intro Video – Description of the Types of Videos and Series on the Channel

This is a brief introduction to the Serious Survivor Channel and the types of skills and gear we discuss here. Alot of various subjects are detailed, ranging from general catastrophe to world collapse and The edn of time as we know it.
We hope you find the channel informative and accurate. We research each topic thoroughly before a video is made. This ensures that the information that is presented as factual is actually true. Opinions will vary and not everyone will agree with everything, but when it comes to straight facts…numbers and proven events and ideas don’t lie.
We believe that the better prepared an individual is, then the better the chances of thriving in a survival situation.
Knowledge is the backbone, training is the key and attitude is the determining faqctor in most situations. Some things are definitely beyond our personal control, but we alsways control how we act and react. Some events and environments only give you one opportunity to act or react. This is why the importance of training and knowledge become extremely evident.
I hope you enjoy the channel, and the number of videos I produce will be increasing. There has been a slight delay in alot of production over the last two months, but I am now back in the form of producing at least one video a week and hopefully more.
I have alot of interesting data and facts that I have gathered over my research and training recently and I look forward to sharing all that I know and have learned to help increase everyones chances of not only survival…but rebuilding and thriving.
The channel has grown alot over the last year and I truly appreciate everyone taking the time out of their day to watch the videos. Much more to come! And, with every video I produce, I learn even more about production and editing. Hopefully the channel will produce content that people will consider very high quality. Thanks!

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