Self-igniting pine pitch FireStick fire starter Review BattlBox

Self-igniting pine pitch FireStick fire starter Review BattlBox

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This is a review of the Pine Pitch fire starters I received in my BattlBox Subscription.

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Always keep self-igniting FireSticks with your survival gear or with your camping, hunting, fishing or hiking gear.

The pine pitch FireStick fire starter is self-igniting. It has a jute twine loop on one end so that you can hook it onto a carabiner to carry with you in person or with other gears.

FireStick is non-sticky so you can store it in your pocket or store it with other equipment and not worry about it sticking to them.

FireStick is waterproof. If you, your equipment, and other fire starting implements that you have gets wet, you can still start a fire using the FireStick.

FireStick burns on an average of 4-5 minutes.

Please use caution when using the FireStick. It burns hot and pine pitch can drip while burning. Avoid dripping hot pine pitch on your person or others.


1. Self-igniting. Made of dual head igniters to ensure ignition when needed. The extra igniter acts as a fail safe just in case the other gets damaged for any reason.

2. Has jute twine loop on one end that can be hooked onto a carabiner. Jute twine loop is also used as back up in case igniters get damaged for some reason. Just cut the loop, fluff it up thoroughly then ignite it with a ferrocium rod to start the pine pitch on fire.

3. Small piece of sandpaper at the base Firestick to use for igniting the “strike anywhere” igniters so you won’t have to find a surface to ignite it on.

4. Waterproof and weather proof. Works even when it gets wet.

5. Burns for about 4-5 minutes. Plenty of time to build a fire or use as a lighting tool in the dark.

6. Non-sticky. You can carry it in your pocket or store it with other equipment.

7. Main ingredient is pine pitch also called pine resin or pine sap which is very flammable.

8. Handmade in the USA