SCUM Open World Survival Game – SHOCKING New Patch Update News [LEAK]

SCUM Open World Survival Game – SHOCKING New Patch Update News [LEAK]

Upon speaking to the developers of SCUM, they have LEAKED to us some HUGE PATCH NEWS to update our communities. You won’t want to miss this INSANE PATCH UPDATE video! I was so excited to get the word out to you guys that I shot the segments on my phone while I was traveling for Father’s Day.

Watch this video all the way through for the leaks and update information. Make sure you watch all the way to the very end for a surprise announcement that no one was ever expecting!

When you are done with this video, catch up on the “Brink of Extinction” series located here.

A FULL WIPE will kick off the patch and thus will mark the end of my first SCUM series. The “Brink of Extinction” series encompassed almost THIRTY EPISODES and OVER NINETY hours of streamed gameplay. We will start the new week with a new patch and a new series entitled “SCUM Island: A Prisoner’s Open World Survival Story”.

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Just so you know that I am not BS’ing you, here are the patch notes (released yesterday) direct from the Devs:


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