SAS Survival Kit in a Tin Australian Updated Version

SAS Survival Kit in a Tin Australian Updated Version

This is a video of my updated improved SAS Survival kit in a tin, inspired by John Lofty-Wiseman made in Australia by yours truly.
1 x Survival tin with a rubber seal(water-resistant)
11cm long x 8cm wide x 2.75cm deep & 185g(Full)
30cm of PVC tape – (extra waterproofing)
1 x Survival tips
1 x Accident evaluation report
1 x Pencil
1 x Whistle
1 x Mini Button Compass
1x Mini Survival Mirror(w/adhesive backing)
1 x Keyring LED Torch Light
1 x Survival saw with swivels & key-rings
1 x Multifunction 11 in 1 Survival Credit Card Tool Knife
2 meters of Hootchie cord
1 x P38 can opener – US Shelby
30cm x 30cm Aluminium Foil
2 Meters of snare/trip wire
(Water Kit)
4 x Oasis Water Purification Tablets
1 x Large zip-lock bag Size A5 (heavy duty)
(Medical Kit)
4 x Band aids
4 x Wound Closure Strips(Butterfly Strips)
2 x Alcohol cleansing pads
2 x Cotton wool balls
40cm of Dental Floss
1 x Razor Blade
1 x Lolly – (Barley Sugar)
(Fishing Kit)
5 meters of 12lb Fishing line(on a mini bobbin reel)
3 x Fishing hooks
4 x Swivels(Assorted)
3 x Split-shot lead sinkers
(Sewing/Repair Kit)
3 x Sewing needles
1 x Roll of sewing cotton(on a mini bobbin)
4 x Safety pins
3 x Pins
3 x Buttons
2 x Plastic zip ties
30cm of Cloth tape
(Fire Kit)
1 x Ferocious rod Fire-starter
1 x Saw striker with lanyard
10 x Waterproof Storm matches
1 x Match striker
1 x Candle(re-lighting)
1 x Spark-lite Tinder
1 x Fresnel lens
2 meters of Jute twine
1 x Survival Blanket


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