The Malhama (Armageddon/Nuclear war) is coming. Thousands of nuclear bomb will explode. Not a single atom bomb will be left unused. Where the nuclear war will be fought ? It will be fought specially in north america and europe where there is nuclear weapons. Good bye to north america ! Good bye to much of europe ! If you live in Paris and if you live in London, I have no advice for you. You will turn to ashes. But if you can move to the remote country side there is a possibility to survive. I am not telling this with joy in my heart. It is a fact. I shall advise Egyptian, Algerian, Moroccan and tunisian muslims who are living in Europe and North America to return to their motherland and live in the remote countryside.-Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein
The Malhama/Armageddon/Nuclear War is near. Please prepare yourself. I know studying Akhir Zaman is important. But please prepare yourself. This is would be the first part of the hardest trials, many still to come. To continue, for the next trials, and to preserve the truth, you must survive the Malhama.
Gate for war:
– Shutting off diplomatic ties, US done that. No more Russian diplomatic channel in the US, and no more front and back door channel.
– Building up military at enemy border, US done that using Iranian, Crimean and North Korean pretext. Hoarding troops at Russian and Chinese border.
– Shutting off information from other continents, US done that, RT and Sputnik purge, also CNN taking control the opinion of US vassal states worldwide, by establishing local outlet.
– Economic sanctions, US done that.
– Nuclear weapons initiation, US and Russia done that.
– Citizens surveillance, US done that, by controlling social media. FB, Youtube, Google, etc, are complying with US DHS.
– State of Emergency, UK, Europe, US are on it, using the cause of terror attack.
– Thucydides Trap, forcing alliances, US done that with revolution all over the world, despite most is failing.
– The brinkmanship, US done that by creating Kurdistan in northern Iraq and attempt to do the same in northern Syria.
– Causus bellum, pretext to war Russia, is ongoing, the Russian meddling on democracy.
– Nuclear war drills, both Russia and US done that.
Western economic collapse will be outdone by war. We’ll never see the collapse, because they will force war in order for the people to accept collapse/default. The petrodollar is being buried as we speak. Russia and China are hoarding gold to survive collapse.
For now, I will not answer or discuss about the knowledge or Akhir Zaman or such on Islam. Rather to provide you update of evolving events, which I think will unfold in fast manner, one after the other.
Please, understand the clear and present danger, avoid the beaches, get out of North America and Europe. Head to the mountain. Stock up food, water, warm clothes, and some gold/money.
Angkoso Nugroho / Farewell Slavianka


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