Penticton Woman Defied Odds of Survival

Penticton Woman Defied Odds of Survival

VICTORIA – The terrain was rough. The weather, at times, was just below freezing. Not a soul in sight. Even the doctors treating Rita Chretien are amazed she made it.

“To suvive so long is, it’s understandable to call it a miracle,” said Doctor at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho where Chretien is being treated.

Forty-nine days alone in the wilderness, rationing trail mix and candy and drinking melted snow, Rita defied the odds.

Her amazing story of suvival may have you wondering if, faced with the same set of circumstances, you could make it, alone in the wilderness.

At Goldstream Park today, we found hikers who brought extra food, water and clothing. They also had cell phones and told people where they were going. Experienced outdoorspeople say you should carry a few other essentials whenever you set out on an adventure.

“The biggest thing you want to make sure you have with you is a good multitool, water purification, fire startes, some warmth for the evening in case you get stuck, like a fleece or down vest, and rain gear,” Says Nick Boston of Robinson’s Outdoor Store.

Knowing how to use both a map and compass, and a GPS can also get you out of trouble. Faced with having to survive on her own, Rita Chretien made some good choices. She stayed with the vehicle, conserved energy and kept her spirits up. Rita’s son says her faith kept her alive.

“She had time to think and pray and prepare for whatever outcome,” says Raymond Chretien.

Tonight the family prays for another miracle, that Rita’s husband Albert will also be found alive.

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