Pacific Northwest Sportsmen Show 2018 With WAZOO Survival Gear (vlog #24)

Pacific Northwest Sportsmen Show 2018 With WAZOO Survival Gear (vlog #24)

Back to the West-Coast for the Newest Vlog #24! Wazoo flew me out to the Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show in Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen show is a huge four warehouse show including outdoor gear, fishing supplies, and even a shooting range along with massive fish tanks filled with Trout. I was able to help promote there latest gear and check out a few prototypes. I had a great time meeting fans and trying out products from Wazoo!


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For a closer Look at WAZOO Gear

This is the Best EDC fire starter kit you could ever have. The Sure Strips are a flat military tinder from Go Prepared Survival that can go anywhere without adding to your every day cary. You can get several fire starts from a strip the size of a credit card you keep in your wallet. Now you just need a spark and thats where the Wazoo survival gear comes in the Ceramic knife/striker and farro rod that go in the stash hat or the fire starter necklace. The two things combine give you a Micro fire kit that can not be beat. This is not just a sales pitch Everything you see here is part of my every day cary. In fact the roller sparker and Sure Strip combo will give you the ability to light a fire one handed. And it’s all so tiny you con take it on a plain hidden in you Wazoo Cache Cap or as i call it Stash Hat!!! Trust me i know all of this Was easily smuggle Through airport Security last time I went on flight without a hitch.

SURE STRIPS (Nicknamed “S.E.R.E. STRIPS”) are currently in use by U.S. Special Forces and NATO Military Units worldwide.They have been deemed mandatory survival items for inclusion survival / vest applications by the US Army Project Management (PM) Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Aircrew Integrated Systems for the US Army Air Warrior Program.

SURE STRIPS have been used in the following survival training programs:

– Universal Training Systems, Western Region Aviation Survival School, (WRASS), Oregon.

– U.S. Army Survival Training (SERE) Ft. Bragg, NC.

– U.S. Air Force Coastal Survival Course (SERE) FL/AK.

– U.S. Navy SEALS Survival Training (SERE) Little Creek, VA.

The U.S. Military needed a waterproof product that never expires and can produce fire anytime, anywhere and under any situation.

They chose SURE STRIPS!

Do you have what it takes to survive the flood take the quiz and find out.

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