Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 1 Principles of BOK

Nutnfancy Bug Out Kits Pt 1  Principles of BOK

You have 5 minutes warning to leave your house, grab everything you need to survive for 2 weeks.  Could you do it?  I doubt it!  That’s why I made the Nutnfancy Bug Out videos, to help organize your preparation.  The result of your efforts will be an assigned “BOK” to every individual in your family.  My Bug Out Kit build goes beyond a simple and usually inadequate “72 hr Kit,” especially the crap ones you buy.  It’s a self-contained living system that is primarily wheeled to its use location, having food, shelter, weapons, FAK, tools, toiletries, and more.  Building a kit that’s high quality is going to cost over $1000 but it will be there for you forever, only needing occasional “overhauls.  It will provide high peace of mind for upcoming WROL, sudden economic collapse, earthquake, tornado, volcanic, and hurricane events.
Here I’ll attempt to set down some key philosophy and considerations of the Bug Out Kit and bugging out in general; they steer the contents in other parts (see below).  For instance you should be reticent leaving your place of residence in the first place and I discuss the realities of bugging out, dispelling some YouTube and forum nonsense on the subject.   
Part 1 is the all important Philosophy of “bugging out.” Part 2 will show you my current choice for a BOK container; Part 3 will show you the contents.  I stress in the subsequent parts that each kit is tailored to each family’s situation/locations and each person’s needs.  For instance, I am now downsizing Mrs Nutnfancy’s kit (overhaul).  It will be smaller with less comfort items but them’s the breaks.  She can’t haul anymore.  You’ll see how you too will have to make some real SAWC decisions to achieve the best capabilities that can fit into your man-portable TNP-style BOK system!

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