News from the Wall – Congressional Report Russian EMP Attack on America – Part 2

News from the Wall – Congressional Report Russian EMP Attack on America – Part 2

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News from the Wall – Congressional Report on an EMP Attack on America – Part 2

An Audio Message by Nathan Leal

Ladies and gentlemen, this audio program is one of the most sobering messages that I have released in a long while.

That prophetic warning article is found here:

In this audio message, we will visit the actual government documents that reveal how serious an EMP threat is to America and our Allies in the West.

We will examine the facts and potential scenarios of an EMP attack on America, that if carried out successfully by an adversary, will result in America ceasing to exist!

Topics include:

1. The Russian and Chinese threat. These adversaries have revealed that they have the weapon and plan to use it in the next war.

2. How bad could it be? The congressional report reveals the outcome. Within one year, 90% of the American population perishes!

3. If it strikes the lower 48, within 7 days, all 100 nuclear reactors in America go Fukishima!

And more…. the program reveals the sobering facts.

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