NEW UPDATE! CRASHED VAN n’ BOSS EVENT! – Jurassic Survival Gameplay Android

NEW UPDATE! CRASHED VAN n’ BOSS EVENT! – Jurassic Survival Gameplay Android

Falcon’s Jurassic Survival Gameplay. Let’s Play Jurassic Survival, a game that mixes Last Day On Earth Survival and Durango.

In this episode of Let’s Play Jurassic Survival, the new jurassic survival is finally here with a crashed van event, new dinos, and the hevea fruit for the incubator! As always, If you enjoy Jurassic Survival and would like to see more Jurassic Survival gameplay, let me know with a comment n’ thumbs up!

This is another Last Day On Earth Survival inspired game to emerge for download on mobile Android devices. There is currently no mobile iOS version. The download links below are not for Jurassic Survival mod menu apk or hack apk files. Only official. No mod downloads.

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About Jurassic Survival

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● Jurassic Survival Update – 1.01

Jurassic survival is a free survival MMORPG where you either hunt and survive or become a prey in this wild unfriendly world. So build your incubator to get your very own dinosaur mount or build a jeep and explore! Available on Android APK but not App iOS yet. Let’s Play Jurassic Survival.

Use your all your knowledge against dinosaurs and the wild nature. Remember: a hunter doesn’t ask its prey for permission.

Rely on your shelter and equipment: build firm walls, place traps, make more effective hunting equipment.

You have to find out what terrible secrets are hidden in these mangrove jungles. The only thing you can do is move forward!

Dinosaurs unite into packs for hunting. Follow their example and find out who drops out from the natural selection.