NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan's Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW – PART 1

NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan's Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW – PART 1

David and Doctor Joe dig into the NEW Dan’s Depot Deluxe Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Survival Pack! Is this Emergency / Survival Kit the BEST Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Let’s find out…

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Here’s a LINK to PART 2…
31 “Extra” Bug Out Bag Items that Could Save Your Butt – Dan’s Depot Emergency Pack – Part 2:

As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

David’s ROCKin’ Cool Knife Sharpener:

Dan’s Depot Adirondack Bug Out Bag / Emergency Pack:

Dan’s Depot Appalachian 72 Hour Survival Kit:

Dan’s Depot Ozark EDC Survival Kit:

David’s Bug Out Bag:


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