My Survival Kit (Part 2) 1st Aid

My Survival Kit (Part 2) 1st Aid


Some of the items not well discussed or more extreme – I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE TO ANYONE, AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY – If you do so and you injure someone playing doctor, you’re on your own. Always seek proper Medical attention.

This is the 1st Aid part of my survival kit. I’m not a minimalist, or a purest. Some will carry very tiny packs or those kits in hollow handle knives, and that’s great. I find a survival kit can be personal, because of what kind of outdoor activities you do, or where you live. Mine isn’t a perfect kit, but I’m happy with it.

My kit is heavy on 1st Aid, and fire starting, and less on food gathering based on possible survival times going without (depending on conditions):

1 -1st aid, (can be minutes)
2 – Protection from elements/warmth, signaling (minutes to hours)
3 – safe drinking water, (Hours to days)
4 – food I consider the least important. (UP TO A MONTH – Doesn’t mean I want to go without it, just means you can die faster without the first three.)

Pressure Bandage: Another extreme item. Gunshot (hunters) or a slip of a sharp knife, axe, whatever, you will realize how valuable this can be.

Spenco 2nd Skin (

This stuff is great for minor burns or blisters. I’ll take 2nd Skin over mole skin or anything else.

Sutures: I carry these, and I’ve had to use them (unfortunately) to close skin. I don’t recommend these, So consider carrying ‘Steri-strips’.

Steri-Strips (

If you don’t want to be using sutures (I can’t really blame anyone) but you want your 1st Aid to have some kind of skin closure item, then I would suggest Steri-strips. They use them in hospitals, They breathe, very sticky, will grip for days and they work great. They come in different sizes and lengths.

Betadine Surgical Scrub (

I find this is much better for cleaning wounds, your hands prior to 1st aid, etc. It’s non-stinging and very gentle. Not as harsh as Iodine. Used in Hospitals for surgery.

Always carry eye patches in sets of 2. If one eye is injured, then to avoid further injury, you cover the other eye also. Because one eye will follow the other, and if the person can see, they will look around, the injured eye will also move. Cover both eyes.

Polysporin ointment.

I only bring the ointment and not the cream. Can also be used to oil tools, treating knife blades, chapped skin/lips, chaffing, etc. The reason I like to bring it, is because it can be used for minor eye injuries. non-stinging, etc, it’s sticky as hell, but you can coat your whole eye with it, and it works. I have used it on myself, and it doesn’t hurt a bit.


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