My Maxpedition FR-1 First Aid Kit

My Maxpedition FR-1 First Aid Kit

A quick look at a first aid kit I’ve put together using the excellent Maxpedition FR-1 pouch. The idea is that this kit can be kept in a vehicle, attached to the exterior of a pack, or if necessary worn on a belt. This versatility means it should be there when it’s needed.

I really like the FR-1 pouch. It is typical Maxpedition, high quality and well designed. This video is not a review of the FR-1 but you will be able to see all the bags features as we look at the kit. If you are looking to put together a FAK of this size, or maybe you want a larger EDC bag, I can highly recommend the FR-1.

As always comments are most welcome. Is there anything I’ve missed? Is there anything I could do differently? What do you include in your FAK? If you want to do a video response that would be great. A lot of the ideas in this kit I’ve picked up from others on YouTube, thanks to you all for doing the vids. The more information and ideas we share the better for everyone.

Thanks for watching.


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