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Mountain Survival and Medical Combination Kit.mpg

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Mountain environments often create a higher potential for hypothermia and limb trauma injuries. The Mountain Survival & Medical Kit Combination Kit accounts for these aspects of mountain travel, and all other essential survival tasks in mountain environments. At the center of the survival kit is the Blizzard Survival Jacket: a triple cell layered core insulator that also grants insulating head cover, and also covers the arms for wind and rain protection. Extra long fit means that the individual can retain body heat from the majority of the body area. The jacket is wind and waterproof, and while small and compact, it expands to open the ReflexCell material to trap air for maximum heat retention. The Two Person SOL Survival Blanket can be used to quickly create overhead cover by its effective use as an A-frame or other type of shelter. This combination of jacket and shelter components greatly reduces the potential for hypothermia related injuries. The medical components allow for treatment of traumatic bleeding wounds, and for creating splints for injured limbs; a typical mountain injury. Essential survival tasks such as fire building, signaling, and navigation are covered with a solid complement of survival tools; many of which have redundant systems in the event a critical piece is lost. Small and lightweight enough to carry on every excursion, ascent, or simple day hike, yet packed with everything you need to maximize your survival metrics in any mountain environment.

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