Modern Tech – Atlas Survival Shelters 10×51 Hillside Retreat – Underground family-size NBC shelter

Modern Tech – Atlas Survival Shelters 10×51 Hillside Retreat – Underground family-size NBC shelter

The boom of family shelters many of us associating with Cold War fear of nuclear war that reached its peak during Cuban Missile Crisis, but for people living in countries like the US with the plethora of natural disasters ranging from tornados and earthquakes to volcanic activity like St. Helens eruption in 1980, building a family shelter never really got out of fashion or being considered crazy endeavour, at least not in rural areas often experiencing these kinds of natural disasters.
While many in the US build or just buy small temporary family shelter mostly to protect against tornados, wealthier people expecting more from their shelter than just protecting against large flying debris from disintegrating homes but without necessary time or skill to do it on their own can among other options instead invest into one of many Atlas Survival Shelter options in price range between the cost of the better family car to a cost of the new house depending on type, size and included equipment. Tubular corrugated steel plate shelters capable better disperse pressure from all directions for given steel thickness greatly improving chances of its occupants to survive earthquakes and high-pressure resistance also allow this type of shelters to be buried deeper thus providing not only optional NBC air filtering but also considerable anti-radiation and temperature shielding against natural or man-made extreme weather conditions. Tubular corrugated steel plates are in addition galvanized with the layer of zinc for superior anti-corrosion protection in comparison to usual paint thus greatly extending the service life of shelter once buried underground in order to serve multiple generations of owners enjoying shelter’s protection or added recreational and economic value of the property on which shelter capable supporting the whole family once fully equipped and stocked for months reside…

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