Modern Bushcraft Survival – Winter Camping Sub Zero Desert Trip

Modern Bushcraft Survival – Winter Camping Sub Zero Desert Trip

Modern Bushcraft Survival is a council of experts in modern survival bushcraft and prepping. If SHTF hits, you want to be on our team. Our founding members include world renowned experts in various aspects of survival. Our 8 founding members also include current military, prior military, and prior law enforcement experience. Each member is at the top of their field in their specialized discipline. The combination of skills within the 8 founding members of Modern Bushcraft Survival represents the strongest collective survival bushcraft skill set in the the world.

A literal think tank of survival and bushcraft, the MBS team is continually redefining the approach to and methods to survival and bushcraft.

While each of the 8 founding members is strong in all aspects of wood craft, bushcraft, and survival each has a specialty in which they have far surpassed their peers in their specialties.

Central Oregon Survival Network is a world class expert in logistics, organizational excellence, and improvised counter invasion measures. He is also experienced in human tracking, armed and unarmed military vehicles, and facility management.

Seansquatch PNW is a world class chef and arguably the best improvised survival and camp chef in the world. He is also the group’s expert in unarmed combat and brings a new level of warrior spirit to the group. Additionally Seansquatch PNW is an expert in viking history.

Adventure Biscuit is the official “wheel man” of the group and has on road and off road driving skills that are unmatched. His ability to quickly and efficiently transport the team and their materials to location is a crucial role. He also possesses solid hunting skills and maintains the group shelter facilities for the team

Coyote Works is a world class woodsman and hunter. Having hunted multiple species on several continents he coordinates the wild game procurement program for Modern Bushcraft Survival. Coyote works is also a highly regarded marksman with most small arms. Additionally Coyote Works brings leadership, a worldwide contact network, and social connectivity skills to the group.

Primal Outdoors specializes in wilderness photography and videography. He comes with state of the art video and audio equipment. He has traveled the world capturing nature, hunting, and adventures on film and video. He also is the group expert in paleo nutrition and edible insects. Additionally Primal Outdoors has expert level bushcraft skills with the ability to manufacture almost anything the team needs from the resources that any given natural environment provides.

Pi is the communications, surveillance, and counter surveillance expert on the team. He also is the chief engineer of the group with the ability to improvise and modify processes, systems, and equipments to fit the specialty mission specific needs of the Modern Bushcraft Survival group. He takes the groups critical thinking and intellectual ability to the next level.

Rimrock Outdoors fulfills specialty machining and construction needs of the group. And expert in metallurgy and a master with a TIG welder he can construct anything the group needs from highly advanced target systems, to the customized camp cooking systems utilized to provide the nutrition for the team. Additionally Rimrock outdoors is a master level predator hunter and can not only provide the predator defense planning for the group, but also procure hides needed to manufacture specialty clothing and equipment.

Central Oregon Desert Explorer brings a variety of skills to the table that round out the teams overall effectiveness. He is the groups fire management expert and further fills the role of keeping the Modern Bushcraft Survival team out of harms way from the constant threat wild-land fire provides.. Improvised explosives, primitive firearms, shelter building, and fire fuel procurement are all high level skills possessed by Central Oregon Desert Explorer.


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