Maxpedition Survival Tips: Water Purification with Thomas Coyne

Maxpedition Survival Tips:  Water Purification with Thomas Coyne

Maxpedition Survival Tips is a series that provides expert survival instruction by trained professionals. In this episode, Thomas Coyne of Coyne Survival Schools teaches water purification in the backcountry. Storing chemicals, filters & water reservoir in his LBP™ Large Expandable Bottle Pouch and FRP™ First Response Pouch, Thomas explains the how’s and why’s of making water safe to drink to minimizing the risks of dehydration.

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Founded in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, USA, Maxpedition® successfully optimized the design ethos of American military-grade MOLLE gear to suit the needs of everyday life and popularized its functionality to a global audience. Often imitated but never equaled, genuine Maxpedition gear is the benchmark against which others are compared, and it is trusted by special forces operators, law enforcement officers, adventure travelers and prepared citizens around the world.


“We are here to get you ready for the real thing. All courses are led by former first responders and veterans. Our training is not based on what you’ll find in all the same old survival manuals or YouTube videos. It’s based on real world experience, in extreme climates and terrains- globally. This is why 3 branches of the United States Military have chosen us for a wide range of training, and we hope you and your family (yes we have training for all ages and skill levels) do as well.”

*6 Years of Fire/Rescue Experience
*Former Firefighting Helicopter Crew Member (HELITACK)
*EMT *Helicopter Rescue Team Member
*Helicopter Rappeller
*Search & Rescue Technician
*Fire Crew Squad Leader
*Confined Space Rescue
*Techinical Ropes Rescue
*Swift Water Rescue Technician
*HAZMAT Operations
*Dunker trained (emergency aircraft underwater egress)
*Member of the helicopter rescue team for the first civilian space shuttle launches (X Prize Launches, 2003)
*Trained in the ICS & NIMS Disaster Management Systems
*Has provided training to; US Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Center Instructors, US Navy Helicopter Search & Rescue & Special Warfare, US Air Force Special Operations, The US Dept of Defense, The California Department of Justice, and many more