IMPROVING the Primitive Bushcraft Shelter | Fire Cooking Wild Game and Table Build

IMPROVING the Primitive Bushcraft Shelter | Fire Cooking Wild Game and Table Build

We make improvements to the bushcraft shelter including a meal preparation area out of milled lumber cut from trees found on the property. To have more outside conveniences, we built the table in an outdoor cooking area that will help make things easier. Buy “That Fishy Thing:”

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The bushcraft shelter is built with hand tools from materials we find in the forest around us. The majority of the primitive shelter is built with spruce trees which are not as heavy as hardwoods. We will use a bit of rope, a tarp, and axe, hand saws, and a lot of hard work, sweat, smarts, and ingenuity to build this fort in the woods.

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A bushcraft shelter out of natural materials in the woods, doesn’t need to be very elaborate, but this one is pretty amazing. It only needs to protect from rain or snow, wind and trap some heat from a nearby fire. If you really enjoy these types of builds, let me know and we’ll do an over night trip and work on some more elaborate build projects.

We build a natural bush shelter from scratch using hand tools and the 20,000,000 trees around us. We mostly use overpopulated spruce trees that are too densely packed together for their own good (because this property has 20 million trees already). While Mr. Beast lives in a place that has no trees, Canadian’s don’t…we have a country rammed full of these beautiful creatures that need proper management to thrive. This is why careful selected trees for our fort which will help prevent forest fires in the long run. Canada has a lot of trees, come visit them and have a look for yourself! My Gear (Shop and Support):

Thinning the trees will help the forest grow by reducing the canopy and letting overcrowded trees grow even more. This is very healthy for the forest.

We chose the build site carefully on 200 acres of woods with a field nearby and instant access to water. We will be able to trap beaver and muskrat as well as snowshoe hare. There is a creek nearby, but it is only deep enough to hold small minnows. It will still form a solid base camp for nearby lakes and other opportunities.

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