Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal

Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal

This is a story in jail. A story about learning a “new life”…
Richard Yu (Gregory WONG), a typical fop, hits a passer-by when drink-driving and is sentenced to one year in jail.
Contrary to what the outside world believes, life behind bars is not full of atrocity. Much to his surprise, it is a secluded world of its kind. This world has its own rules; the survival tip from his cellmate Uncle Tat (LIU Kai Chi) says it all, “give way, and get a way.” As one learns the rules of survival, one can pass his time peacefully in jail.
Uncle Tat teaches Richard many survival tactics, which helps him get by pretty well. Another friend Wu (Babyjohn CHOI) also watches over him
Much to Richard’s grief, it is rumoured that the insult of Wu’s daughter in the outside world. The prime suspect in Richard’s mind is the newly transferred cellmate Jack (Justin CHEUNG). He’s not only against Richard in all aspects but also acts like a tyrant in jail, even the cell bosses Seatto (WONG Kwong Leung) and Coyote (Philip Keung) are somewhat fearful of him.
But Richard cracks up when Uncle Tat falls down the stairs from Laundry Room resulting in a coma and the insult of Wu’s daughter in the outside world. He believes the accident and the death of Wu are plotted by Jack, who is determined to exterminate him and those close to him. His repression accumulated over the months causes his break out, and Richard rushes into the Laundry Room to beat up Jack, but is subdued and his sentence increased. Being in the punishment cell for a month, Richard breaks down and is at the edge of insanity.
The growth of Jack’s power and setback of both friendship and relationship cause Richard’s tolerance to skyrocket and fights against Jack, who is doubled his size, in the cafeteria…


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