I'm Living in a Van!!!…Winter VanDwelling

I'm Living in a Van!!!…Winter VanDwelling

Sleeping in -10°F (-24°C) temperatures every night only sucks if you don’t understand the freedom that comes with it. I was continually surprised by the responses from friends and coworkers when I told them I was living in a van full time. Most people completely rejected the idea, some simply didn’t understand, and a small minority replied that is sounded fun but they could never do it.

I thought winter van life would be much easier than backpacking in the winter but to my surprise most of the same problems still exist. Everything I own is frozen, night time rituals are very important to sleep warm, and getting dressed in -10°F still sucks really bad.

Michelle and I quit our jobs, sold our house, and moved into our minivan to travel the country with our son Maxwell! Learn more about this huge adventure:

Episode 1 – Vanlife in Minus 9°F (THIS VIDEO)

Episode 2 – Tour of our Minivan

Episode 3 – Traveling the USA

Episode 4 – Family Life on the Road (not done)

Episode 5 – How to enjoy severe winters in a van (not done)


If you want to see the whole van build process from start to finish I have a DIY tutorial on TREEfool.com (currently under construction).


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